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Castel Madama Castel Madama province of Rome, 30km from Rome


PALIO. Every year in the first week of July there is Palio Madama Marguerite of Austria. The Palio is a historical holiday, that it has been taking place for about 20 years, held in Madama Marguerite of Austria’s honour, daughter of the emperor Carlo V and wife of Alexander Medici... (continue)

OLIOLIVE. The holiday of Oliolive is celebrated in the first half of November. The holiday is a tasting fair that takes place during three days, from Friday evening to Sunday. In these days in the centre of the city there are many stands of the producers of table olives and of olive oil: it is possible to... (continue)

The holiday of St. Michael Archangel. The most ancient and respected religious holiday of Castel Madama. The first celebration of St. Michael Archangel was fixed in the documents of the XIVth century. The Archangel was respected as the Saviour and protector of fertility. We know that the cult of St. Michael... (continue)

It is possible to participate or also only observe the traditional Castel Madama holidays.
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Castel Madama 30km from Rome

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