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The agricultural society "The Farm In the Park" was founded in 2006 with the purpose to recover neglected agricultural land, diffused phenomenon more and more in our zone, rediscovering traditional agricultural activity. Three partners Emilio, Gianfranco and Paul Antonio side by side to the activity of cultivation of the olives for the production of olive oil, begin to rear small group of goats.

In 2007, thanks to a contribution of the GAL Aniene Tiburtino, they build a farm and begin to produce a small quantities of high quality of goat's milk cheese.

The goats nourish well of poor forages, buckets, woody, and adapt to mountainous places, steep, rocky with scarce vegetation, insufficient to more demanding kind.

The milk of goat is dietary for the low way of fats (maximum 3%) and it is the only one to high digestibility, suitable for the babies, for someone who suffers allergies to the lactose or who has a gastroenteric troubles.

Goat's milk cheese

Cheese is a by-product of the milk, gotten making to precipitate the casein.

To produce the cheese, milk is poured in an open boiler, where warm up to 25-33°C; then the coagulant is added .

The coagulant is able to separate in many fragments the present casein in the milk, and to coagulate the particles of fat mass in the water, that form the curd. From the curd the various types of cheeses are gotten.

Our production

The Milk exclusively produced by the goats of our farm breeding with products No-OGM, not worn-out and first-quality.

Our products:

Primo Sale

Gotten by rennet coagulation and it must have consumed within the 48/72 hours

Caciotta fresca

it is the natural evolution of the precedent after a seasoning of about 30 days

Caciotta stagionata

to continue its evolution, the seasoning overcomes the 2 months and the taste it becomes definite and strong


Fresh and soft it unites the characteristics of the caciotta and the ricotta


kind of cottage cheese

Caciotta piquant

For the strong palates

Caciotta with hypocrite

... for the noble

Our price list

milk of goat€ 2 for one lt
primo sale€ 10 for one kg
formaggiocaciotta fresca€ 12 for one kg
caciotta stagionata€ 14 for one kg
formaggiocacioricotta€ 10 for one kg
ricotta€ 8 for one kg
formaggioCaciotta piquant€ 14 for one kg
Caciotta with hypocrite€ 16 for one kg
 Robbiola€ 14 for one kg

Our address

Via Tiburtina KM 41, 400 - 00029 Vicovaro (RM)

Emilio 338 5441644; Gianfranco 328 836889; Paolo Antonio 340 5791494

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