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Maria e Mario La Mandria is a small cattle farm. From more than 40 years family Rocchi produce organic high quality beef and other quality of meat like pork, sheep, chicken, turkey and rabbit.
The family Rocchi has around hundred heads of livestock that in the good season freely pasture on the green high ground of the Pagliaro Mountain, between Guadagnolo and Spina Santa, and in winter on the lawns of the Empiglione Valley.
This type of pasture, with a right permanence in cattleshed before the slaughtering, allows Maria and Mario to get a product of high quality with a special taste.


La Mandria rears three breeds of cattle, that was selected by the time and experience: "meticcia", "chianina" e "maremmana". They are very resistant breeds to the cold winters and the dry summers, adapted for the pasture in the mountain. The feedstuff, used in the periods of permanence in the cattleshed, originates from biological agriculture, without useing of medicines and chemical substances.


Maria The slaughtering is in the slaughterhouse of Gallicano.
The meats reached the laboratory are held in the refrigerator for the correct "hanging" before the sale.
In the laboratory all the hygienic sanitary norms are respected.

Our products

Tender beef

minced meat
la coda
fettine di spalla
fettine di noce
arrosto di piccione
arrosto di girello e piccione
arrosto di campanella
arrosto di filetto
fettine di rosa


noce, girello, piccione
girello, pezza, filetto
bistecca, rosa, piccione
roll่, spezzatino, fettine
osso buco


Primo sale

Our prices

Tender beef Sheep
Veal Rabbit
Pork Chicken and turkey

 Qualitเal kg
bistecche vitella€ 15
bistecche vitellone € 14
fettine € 14
arrosto€ 14
spezzatino€ 9
hamburger € 9,50
minced meat€ 9,50
roll่€ 9,50
girello€ 15
filetto € 20
braciole di maiale € 8,50
salsicce€ 8,50
pancetta € 6,50
spuntature € 7
prosciutto tagliato a mano € 10
braciole di pecora€ 7,50
arrosticini€ 12
abbacchio € 11
coniglio€ 8,50
polli ruspanti€ 9,50
 cheese primo sale€ 10
 ricotta€ 6,50

Our address

Via Empolitano, km. 7,300 Loc. Fonte Cavallo (Castel Madama)

Tel 0774 448252

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