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Castel Madama

Castel Madama provincia di Roma, 30km da Roma. Trekking e prodotti tipici.

No one have ever know how many miles had run Michele Iori. He was just a child when he fall in love with the mountains of Italy.
His name is Michael, but everyone knows him as Lino.
When he was a young boy he served the Revenue Guard Corps in the high altitude Passo del Foscagno, province of Sondrio. In the days and hours free of service he ran across the mountains.
He came back to Castel Madama and continued to run.
In the meantime begin to arrive the first medals such as "Italian champion race mountain master over 45" in Arta Terme, province of Udine in 1988 and than 10 years after "Italian champion trail marathon (marathon extreme)." In the late 90's Michele Iori invented a race, that is began from the valley of the ditch Fioio, Campo Ceraso, Campo della Pietra, Prato Secco, Montagna della Prugna, Molette di Arsoli, Articoli, Saracinesco, Sambuci and finish in Castel Madama. This race was picked up by the cameras of Italian TV “Rai Tre” along with the championship mountain running in the province of Bergamo. And in 2003 he repeated this race and once again was nominated as Italian champion in the category master.
In 2014 he become world champion mountain running over 70.

For information trekking hiking or warking together:
Michele Iori tell. 339 509 5863


Castel Madama 30km to Rome

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