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OLIOLIVE holiday in Castel Madama town


The holiday of Oliolive is celebrated in the first half of November. The holiday is a tasting fair that takes place during three days, from Friday evening to Sunday.
In these days in the centre of the city there are many stands of the producers of table olives and of olive oil: it is possible to taste and to buy. The producers of table olives of Castel Madama have a long standing tradition, and today these small companies hold the 15% of the national production of table olives, sold on the national and foreign market.
In honour of the twinning with two towns that Castel Madama has with Oudenarde (Belgium), where "Madama" Margherita of Austria was bourn; and with Roda de Andalucia (Spain), town which also has a tradition in the cultivation and preparation of table olives; it is possible to taste Belgian beer and Spanish table olives.
During these days the four Rione of the Palio offer gastronomic stands with menus based on traditional dishes (fettuccine, ravioli, polenta, steak, sausage, typical sweets etc.) at competitive prices. Also, theatrical shows are staged and several musical events take place.

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