PassART, Scardala passementerie factory in Castel Madama

nowadays continua the work of Pontifical company Bandini S.p.A.,
that was founded in 1890.

The Scardala passementerie factory increased the weaving art which was expanded in Rome since the time of Rinaissance, when the best artists were called by Popes for work in Rome.

Even today the Scardala passementerie factory follows
ancient manufacturing traditions useing the same handicraft techniques of the past that give them good quality wonderful colors of dyes.

Nowadays the Scardala passementerie factory is unique in Italy or probably in the whole world.

The procedure of hand workmanship has nearly been unchanged during the centuries and the time of realization.

The technique of the embroidery require the particular finesse and notable merit.
Essential object of work is a hand loom different depending on the desired fabric.
The precious yarn braids playing with the linearity of the shapes and the weaving and finishing enhance artistic creation in all its splendor and heat.

The Scardala passementerie factory has a ring of highest level customers.

They work a lot for the Vatican,
it's possible to see theirs art work in St. Peter Basilica and on Pope's clothes.

They also work for the Quirinale, but not all,
in fact, theirs art was also valued by high fashion :

the Scardala passementerie factory works for Valentino Casa both for the furniture and for clothing accessories.

Students and tourists can visit laboratory of the Scardala passementerie factory situated in old mill of 16 century in the centre of Castel Madama.

You can admire the work of trimmings and assist the implementation of the work. And itís possible to see the appreciated collections of ancient manufacture such as fringes, cords, gallons, roses, bows, bracelets, beads and suspensions for chandeliers.

PassART, Scardala passementerie factory in Castel Madama, Italy

Piazza Dante 1, Castel Madama (RM)

Tel. 0774 447486

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PassART, Il Laboratorio Passamaneria Scardala a Castel Madama.

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