Castel Madama

rural tourism in

Castel Madama province of Rome, 30km to Rome


Ristorante Porta Luisa
Castel Madama,
Via Aniene, 8
tel 0774 448763

Pizzeria - Trattoria "Chateau Madame"
Castel Madama,
Via G.Marconi, 16
tel 0774 448763

Tavola calda, pizzeria al taglio, "Zia Monica"
Castel Madama,
Via Sant'Anna, 3
tel 0774 447628

Pizzeria al taglio "Nonni Maddalena"
Castel Madama,
Via Roma, 80
tel 0774 449405

Pizzeria "Lo Spizzico"
Castel Madama,
Via San Sebastiano, 21
tel 0774 449696

Enoteca "La Cantinaccia"
Castel Madama,
Via della LibertÓ, 82/b
tel 0774 447000

Pub "La Comida"
Castel Madama,
Via Roma, 24
tel 0774 448130

Restaurants and typical Castilian plates

Sagne assucche

Egg-pasta worked by hand and air-dried, with tomato end basil sauce, or with meat sauce;


Pasta made with water and flour, worked by hand, with tomato end basil sauce;


Pasta made with water and flour, worked by hand in irregular round forms, with tomato end basil sauce and with a soup;

Gnocchi di patate

Potatoes and flour dumplings, worked by hand, with meat sauce and pecorino sheep cheese;

Pizza de turcu

Pasta made with water and flour of cornflour, crushed in frying pan or barbecued with side of "broccoletti" vegetables pan-fried with garlic and olive oil;


These are the most typical amongst the traditional sweets. They are slighty sweet, bread-like buns with fennel seeds and they are good for breakfast but also with wine;

Pizza cresciuta

Or, pizza of Easter! The preparation requires at least one week for the dough, rich in eggs. The rising of pizza is difficult, very delicate and fundamental for the final result. Then finally: the cooking. This typical dessert is realized in honor of the resurrection of Christ. The richest breakfast of the year according to the tradition is an Easter breakfast, when the whole family gather together at the table and open the great Pizza;

Pub "San Michele aveva un Gallo..."


The pub is open from 16.00 to 01.30 every day among of Tuesday

Castel Madama, Piazza Mazzini, 6/7

tel 340 7165507

Restaurant "Agriturismo Selva de Risi"

camera1 sala ingresso cortile

The restaurant is open Saturday, Sunday and in the festive days.

Menu of the house: mixed appetizer, first course, second course, wine and sweets;

For booking: 0774 447504

Castel Madama 30km to Rome

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