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ArtStudio is a space for adults and children where experience and practice Art.

Learning is based on knowledge of classical and modern Art schools.

We try to make the complexity of the drawing simple and clear.

The aim is to deepen the knowledge in drawing, in color, in composition.

Examples of some of the themes of our courses:

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Materials &
Art Techniques

Basic Drawing


During the cours, the ArtStudio provides participants with the opportunity to learn various art techniques: pencil, charcoal, ink, applique and collage, coloured pencils, watercolors, tempera, pastel, and mixed techniques.

The goal is to expand participants' knowledge of and skills in these techniques. Each course is dedicated to one particular technique and reveals the characteristics of the chosen technique. Workshop participants are guided through the drawing of objects, interiors, figures, landscapes, and textures based on their own imagination or given examples.

The ArtStudio workshops are suitable for people at any level, from beginners to advanced. Specific art courses for children are available on request.

Material required
depends on the topic of the class and the art technique chosen

Before taking on any other activity, we will work on basic drawing skills, needed to master the subsequent, more complex levels of graphic expression.

Here, course participants will learn to convincingly draw what they see and to reflect reality on paper. They will movefrom linear exercises to tonal drawing and then to accents and expressive drawing. At the end of the course, participants will be able to expressly and materially represent volumetric forms in line and tone.

Material required
pencils in grades B3, B4, B8, B9; charcoal and sanguine
charcoal and sanguine
smooth paper 250-300g/m2, 40 50cm in size
soft eraser

Painting is a continuous experiment in the search for colour.
An experienced colourist distinguishes up to 150 thousand shades of one colour.
The primary objective with this technique is to develop the ability to use colour consciously and harmoniously, i.e. to improve and master ocular sensitivity.

Material required
If you paint in oil:
oil paints;
40 50 canvas or cardboard

If you paint with water colors:
colors (gouache, tempera, watercolor)
250-300 g / m2 paper or 40 50
cardboard palette

Registration to courses

ArtStudio To enrol in the courses it is necessary to register with the Artschool association.

The cost of the annual card is 40 euros.

The cost of the monthly course is 50 euros

(the lessons one hour and a half,

once a week,

for a total of six hours per month)

who we are

ArtStudio open space for Art was founded by people with a formal artistic training and art lovers.

The main office of the school is located in Castel Madama (thirty minutes from Rome) in the middle of the Roman countryside in the Country House villa Pietro Romano.
The Villa is located a stone's throw from the UNESCO Heritage Site Villa d'Este, the Villa Adriana and the millennial historic center of Tivoli, surrounded by numerous historical archaeological sites of exceptional beauty such as the Villa Gregoriana, the Tempio della Sibilla and the Temple of Hercules Victor. All of these world-famous sites are possible locations for outdoor and live lessons as they offer realistic excursions into the world of art.

It is a real space open to Art.

Learning is based on the knowledge of classical and modern theoretical schools, by carrying out processes in simple ways and through interesting exercises, which help to develop attention to detail and grow rapidly as an artist.

You are welcome to join us!



For information and reservations, phone number 3341572373 (calls, messages, WhatsApp)



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