Country House Villa Pietro Romano
Castel Madama, Tivoli, metropolitan area of Rome

Country House Villa Pietro Romano


The Country House villa Pietro Romano

Country House villa Pietro Romano

located in Castel Madama, offers a relaxing stay in the middle of the green Roman countryside.
And at the same time it is close to the town centres of Tivoli and Rome.

The house is well-equipped and has all the facilities to make your stay comfortable and pleasant .

The Country House is located a few kilometres from the historic centre of Tivoli (10 minutes by car), where a visit to the famous Villa D'Este and Villa Gregoriana is a mus. In addition,Villa Adriana, a world-famous archaeological site, is located on the outskirts of Tivoli.

The country house is ideal for a family holiday with children.

In summer, there is an above-ground swimming pool for a pleasant cool-off during hot summer days.


ArtStudio open space for Art

Country House villa Pietro Romano ArtStudio

is a cultural association, run by passionate people with arts background.
The ArtStudio provides an open space for all kinds of artistry:
painting, graphics, printing, sculpture, sketches, collages and more.
Through a series of simple and interesting exercises students develop practical skills based on classical and modern art school concepts. The relaxed environment makes complex matters simple and provides learners with the ideal opportunity to grow their artistry.

Monthly and weekly courses are organised for groups of adults and children ranging from 2-10 people Apart, in the weekend there is a half-day workshop (morning or afternoon) for groups of 2-10 people.

You are welcome to join us!


The Country House Villa Pietro Romano

Country House villa Pietro Romano

is an ideal place to stay together at the table and comfortable rooms for an overnight stay.

Immersed in the green of the countryside, the Country House offers open spaces for children and adults to play and have fun.

It is equipped with drinking water, wifi, internal parking, barbecue and swimming pool.

It is 35 km from the center of Rome, 6 km from the UNESCO Villas of Tivoli and has all essential services close at hand.

What to do in Castel Madama, Tivoli

visit Villa D'Este, Hadrian’s Villa and Villa Gregoriana a Tivoi

Villa D'Este The magnificent Villa d'Este in Tivoli is one of Italy's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Villa d'Este was originally commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este (Governor of Tivoli in 1550). The Cardinal, disappointed that he was not elected pontiff, wished to bring to Villa d’Este the luxury of the Ferrarese, Roman and French Courts and, above all, to match the luxury found in Hadrian's Villa.

Defined by terraces, staircases, and grand slopes and promenades, the garden evokes the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, while concentration of fountains and grottoes : the water transport system, with an aqueduct and a tunnel under the city, resembles the highly-advanced engineering of the Romans.

Villa D'Este Villa Gregoriana preserves a rich heritage, resonating with the sublime imagery that was so popular in the Romantic period. Nature, history, archaeology and craft merge in such an enthralling blend that in the 19th century this site became a must-see destination of the Grand Tour and the most popular subject in the paintings portraying Tivoli.

In 1832, on the initiative of Pope Gregory XVI, an impressive work of hydraulic engineering was undertaken to contain the unceasing floods of river Aniene. The stream was deviated in a double tunnel dug into Mount Catillo: the water, channeled in this bottleneck, increased its level and fell in the artificial 120 meters waterfall known as Cascata Grande, which is today the second highest waterfall in Italy, behind Marmore Falls.
In addition to that, the Pope created the Park that bears his name and was, for over a century, a favoured destination for artists, writers and men of culture, who disclosed its beauty to the whole world.

Villa D'Este Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli is another site one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Built by the request of the Emperor Hadrian, the Villa is a monumental living complex that even today continues to display the lavishness and enormous power of Ancient Rome.

Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana) was designed to be a home for the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 117 A.D. Construction began on top of the foundation of a pre-existing villa that belonged to his wife Vibia Sabina. The Villa, located 28 km (17.4 mi) from the Capital on the Monti Tiburtini, could be reached via the ancient Roman roads Tiburtina and Prenestina, or else by the River Aniene. Here there are four aqueducts that passed through to Rome.

Trekking, hiking, riding, walks in Castel Madama

Castel Madama Castel Madama Castel Madama Castel Madama

Trekking, hiking, walks Michele Iori tel. 339 5095863
Riding Emanuele Moriconi tel. 328 1877630

* along the paths lends of Università Agraria of Castel Madama
* National park of Abruzzo
* Regional park of Monti Lucretili
* Regional park of Monti Simbruini


For information and reservations, phone number +39 3341572373 (calls, messages, WhatsApp)



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The Country House Villa Pietro Romano is located 10 minutes by car from Tivoli centre. The highway A24 Roma-L’Aquila connects Castel Madama with the centre of Rome in 30 - 35 minutes. From Castel Madama’s A24 highway exit follow the traffic signs to the town. Just before S. Anna Church turn into Via Pietro Romano to the left and follow the signs to the Country House Villa Pietro Romano.



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